Pomerelle is one of the most private ski resorts you’ll find throughout Idaho. Offering 24 different slopes to choose from, 2 terrain parks and even a vertical drop; you’re able to find the excitement you’ve been searching for all in one place. Enjoy all that comes from booking your next skiing vacation at this resort that offers a lot of diversity to each visitor.


If you are wondering where to stay during your time at the slopes, the Best Western provides comfortable accommodations for affordable prices, while the Fairfield Inn and Suites provides more luxury rooms. The Marsh Creek Inn, Almo Inn and Budget Motel are also all ideal options for families visiting the area.


You have to eat while out and about, why not give one of these delicious options a try? Edith’s Cafe provides delicious options for one and all, while the Travel Stop is where many go to grab one of the best breakfasts they’ve ever had. Though there are only cafes in the area, each one of them knows how to provide a home cooked meal at affordable prices for the entire family.


With activities and events that happen on a daily and weekend basis, you can visit the slopes and enjoy a little more fun than just going down the trails. Pomerelle Resort provides a little bit of everything for anyone that is stopping by and wants to have a good time. From night skiing to costume parties to Ladies Day and Lesson Days, they have you covered for whatever it is you want to do during your time at the resort.

Lessons and Rentals

Enjoy the day without having to worry about lugging that ski equipment with you. Ski rentals start at just $25, so you’re able to enjoy the whole day without lugging your gear around. If this is your first time on the slopes, then make sure to take advantage of all that comes from the lessons that the experienced instructors provide. This allows you to be safe while on the slopes.

Make the most of your vacation when you spend time at the Pomerelle Resort. With high flying action and plenty to do; you and your family are able to make the most of your time away from home. Plan your trip to the slopes ahead of time and don’t worry about being bored at Pomerelle Resort in Idaho.