Especially for those who have a budget-minded lodging option, Idaho lift tickets are liable to be the most expensive part of skiing. Depending on the resort you go to, a weekend lift ticket can run into the hundreds of dollars. Still, it doesn’t have to be that way. With some tips and smart shopping, you can enjoy many of the amazing Idaho ski resorts for less than you would think.

Listed below are all of the Idaho ski resorts and their prices for ski passes. These prices are for the 2017-18 REGULAR SEASON. Understand that prices fluctuate day-to-day at most resorts and likewise the deals we have might be higher or lower than listed here, depending on your ski dates. Our prices are listed for a normal day in January that is not a holiday.

Ski Resort 1-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Ticket
Lift Ticket Deals
Bald Mountain
$300 $87 View Deals
Bogus Basin
$150 $45 View Deals
$177 $99 View Deals
Cottonwood Butte
$264 N/A View Deals
Kelly Canyon
$354 N/A View Deals
Lookout Pass
$135 $14 View Deals
Magic Mountain
$393 N/A View Deals
Pebble Creek
$180 N/A View Deals
$354 N/A View Deals
Schweitzer Mountain
$245 $118 View Deals
Silver Mountain
$279 $117 View Deals
$303 N/A View Deals
Soldier Mountain
$246 N/A View Deals
Sun Valley
$240 $32 View Deals
$240 N/A View Deals

Getting a Deal on Idaho Lift Tickets

Idaho has some great deals on lift tickets. The entire state is covered in mountains, and ski resorts know that there is plenty of competition for your money. The most expensive Idaho lift tickets are often found at either Sun Valley or Schweitzer ski resorts. Last year, these tickets ran almost $80 per day. Smaller resorts charge less, of course, with Cottonwood Butte offering full days of skiing at a daily rate of $20.

With this in mind, know that rarely do you need to pay full price. Use our online comparison-shopping to find the best deals for your resort or weekend of choice. Or, you can also look for the best deal available and then build the rest of your ski trip around these ticket prices.

More Tips for Saving Money

The primary way to save money on lift tickets is by planning in advance. Much like airline tickets, the closer to your planned vacation date you purchase tickets, the more you are going to pay. Most resorts in Idaho have pre-purchasing available, especially as the 2015-2016 ski season approaches.

Another way to save money on lift tickets is to look for ski-and-stay packages. Most resorts have these packages, which combine the cost of lodging with that of a lift ticket, while providing a discount against both. Even without a ski-and-stay package, off-site hotels will often have coupons allowing the purchase of discounted lift tickets.

The absolutely worst place to buy lift tickets if you’re trying to be frugal is at the window. Once you’re there, you are stuck, and the resort knows it. They are going to charge you a premium. If you unexpectedly add an extra day to your trip, you might be forced to pay the window prices, but even then we’d ask around and at least consider half-day and flex-hour lift tickets.

Dealing with the Idaho Ski Authority

Again, check with us to help you get the best deals on your Idaho lift tickets. We are consistently updating the information here to get you the best deals possible. Whether you’re skiing at Pebble Creek or Sun Valley, look to us for current information on buying your tickets. After all, your ski-cation shouldn’t leave you stressed out about every last aspect of your trip planning.