With an average snowfall of 300 inches, Tamarack Resort, located in west central Idaho, is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. Before hitting that fresh powder, potential guests must consider the costs of visiting including rental equipment. Tamarack ski rentals are available at the resort for an inflated price – but you don’t have to pay that. You can trust us to show you the best places and values around Tamarack Resort, so you can make the most of your winter vacation.

Ski Packages for Less

Planning ahead is vital for a winter vacation. The farther guests plan ahead, the more economical the trip will be. This extends to both lift tickets and Tamarack ski rentals. Like lift tickets, ski rentals can end up costing an unnecessary fortune if they are purchased for resort-based prices. While standard and multi-day packages for rentals are available, equipment rented away from the resort are guaranteed money savers. Buying online and ahead of time can be a huge budget saver, so we’ve got you covered on the best discount Tamarack ski rentals and where to find them.

Another option to save on Tamarack Ski rentals is to check out off-site rentals. Local shops are happy to rent skiers and snowboarders gear for a lower price than what’s offered at the resort. For example, Standard ski and snowboard rentals at Tamarack Resort are priced at $39 for a full day and $34/day for 3+ days. However, a 35 minute drive will take you to Gravity Sports in McCall, ID, where 24 hour rentals for skiing and snowboarding packages costs $25 – $14 less than the resort rate. Additionally, Gravity Sports offers a 10% discount on equipment rented for 3 days or more, making it an excellent off-site option for scoring Tamarack ski rentals.

Things to Keep in Mind

The gear at off-site shops is every bit as good as what you’ll find at the resort. For example at Gravity Sports, ski brands like Rossignol, Dynafit, and DPS are available, all of which are similar to the brands offered at Tamarack Resort. The availability of good equipment and great service on and off-site makes the task of choosing rentals a little less overwhelming.

When choosing Tamarack ski rentals, make sure you rent great boots. Boots can easily make or break a ski trip, so comfort and the right fit are imperative. It’s also a great idea to leave traditional cotton socks behind in favor of either synthetic or merino wool. Trust us, your feet will thank you. Helmets are also a must-have. Whether you buy your own helmet or rent one out (buying will save you some cash, FYI), it is imperative to bring a helmet to the mountain. No matter the sport, protecting your body should be your first priority.

The following is a list of ski rental shops near Tamarack Ski Resort:

Gravity Sports: http://www.gravitysportsidaho.com/

Home Town Sports: http://www.hometownsportsmccall.com/index.html