Sun Valley is one of the best places to ski in Idaho, and when you go there, you may wonder if you should buy or rent your skis. Choosing Sun Valley ski rentals is the more frugal option. The initial ski purchase can run up into the hundreds of dollars, and flying with skis can cost hundreds for each trip. Even though you’re saving money, there are still ways for you to stretch you dollar even farther. Here are some tips on how you can save even more.

Ski Packages for Less

Getting your Sun Valley ski rentals for less is easy when you remember to make your plans early. When you know you’re going to the slopes at Sun Valley, check with us to get the best deals on your ski gear. Let us help you reserve it online and we can get you up to 20 percent off all of your Sun Valley ski rentals. By reserving online, you will alleviate a lot of worry about whether or not you’re going to get the right size gear or not. You’ll also guarantee that you won’t be paying the resort window rate. There’s no reason to spend more than you need to.

Another way of saving is to take advantage of off-site rentals. Local shops are more than happy to rent you awesome gear without charging you for that resort convenience. For a comparison, the single day rate for a sport package at the Sun Valley rental counter is $39. There is a larger discount for multiple days, so 7 days will cost $207. At Sturtevants, the single day price is $34.99, while a 7-day rental runs $196. While it isn’t a huge savings, the personalized attention that Sturtevants and other smaller shops offer bring customers back year after year.

Things to Keep in Mind

The gear that Sturtevants offers for their Sun Valley ski rentals include top of the line brands like Rossignol, Lange, Volkl, and Fischer. All of these are similar to what you’d get at the resort itself. Sturtevants also offers a free shuttle between your hotel and their shop, so you can arrange to have your boots fitted on your time schedule without standing in line.

Speaking of boot fittings, don’t forget to pack a few pairs of ski socks. Those white cotton athletic socks are too thick to give you a good fit and they don’t wick away moisture well. Wearing those is going to give you an uncomfortable fit and miserable feet. A good ski sock is either synthetic or merino wool and will be thin, yet warm. It will also keep your feet dry as you take your runs down the slope.

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