Idaho has a lot of friendly places, and skiing at Soldier Mountain is no different. Family friendly slopes and smiling faces, Soldier Mountain Ski Rentals welcomes everyone. Soldier Mountain is known for actor Bruce Willis’ role in donating Soldier Mountain Ski Area after almost two decades of ownership. He is also a part time resident! When vacationing and skiing here, you might just run into him.  Money is a big factor when planning a ski trip, but affordability is available at Soldier Mountain! Below are a few tricks to save the most and enjoy a great ski adventure!

Keep it Simple

Don’t worry about the stress and hassle of traveling with gear. Flying with gear can run you an extra couple hundred bucks. It doesn’t have to though since Soldier Mountain ski rentals are affordable and convenient. Prices are $25 for a full day rental. Helmets are sold at a cheap rate due to insurance reasons and not being able to rent them out. Safety is the most important aspect while visiting Ski rentals at Soldier Mountain, and price rates are high on the list too!

Booking online is not only convenient, but it can save you a ton! Currently there are several savings options for season passes in advance booked before Thanksgiving! Included in the online deals you receive 2 free lift tickets. Passes for an adult are $399, junior $299, and youth $129! A few discounts for military families and seniors are also available and at steep discount rate. Check their website out to find the most detailed information on current savings.

 A Few More Great Tips

If you want to save even more consider choosing the Ski school option online. Don’t forget if you have a child age 0-6 they’re FREE! When planning a ski trip every little bit counts. There are several different variations on price depending on if you prefer private or group lessons. Prices start at $50 for a private lesson. Be sure to reserve online for availability and plan ahead for budget friendly prices for the entire family. Ask for lodging and ski discount rates

Lift ticket prices are not included in the Ski school lessons. The price is still great at only $38 for an adult, youth $22 and several different options on discounts for College, military, student and senior citizens. Group rates for ski school can even include simple lunch which means one less meal to stress about while having the time of your life!

Below is a list of ski rental shops near Soldier Mountain Ski Area:

Claude’s Sports- (208) 764-2319

Formulasport –

Research Dynamics- (208) 788-3100