Home to some of the best skiing in the Northwest, Silver Mountain Resort is located off of I-90 in Kellogg, Idaho. This resort offers tons of powder for winter-sports lovers of any skill level, and features a wide variety of terrain including expert trails. In order to hit those trails, you’ll need gear – so you’ll have to choose between renting and buying. Of those two options, renting equipment is much more frugal and can save hundreds of dollars. Between resort and travel costs, choosing Silver Mountain ski rentals can be a big budget saver. Of course, there are more ways to save than that. Here are some tips for scoring the best Silver Mountain ski rentals.

Ski Packages for Less

The number one thing to remember when browsing Silver Mountain ski rentals is that the earlier you plan your trip, the more money you’ll save. As soon as you know when you’re going to hit the slopes, check with us for the best, most current deals on rental gear by visiting us online. We can help you reserve gear and alleviate the rush of finding rentals the day of your trip. Even better, reserving rentals online helps you avoid the usually inflated cost of the resort’s window rate.

Another option for saving money is to check out off-site rentals. Local shops often rent excellent gear for a lower price than you’ll find at the resort. For example, an adult full day Basic Package for skiing or snowboarding is $34, while a Premium Package is $45. However, a 6-minute drive will take you to Ski Shack in Hayden, ID, where prices are much lower. At Ski Shack, ski and snowboard rentals are priced at 25$ – a whopping 25% off of resort prices. And with Ski Shack located so closely to Silver Mountain, gear repairs or replacements will be easy to make. Tri-State Outfitters in Coeur D’Alene and The Sports Creel in Spokane, WA are also great off-site choices for scoring discounted Silver Mountain ski rentals.

Things to Keep in Mind

The gear at off-site shops is the same quality as what you’ll find at the resort. For example at Tri-State Outfitters, brands like Rossignol, and K2 can be rented, and both of those brands are also offered at Silver Mountain itself. The accessibility of quality brands both on and off the mountain is both convenient for you and good for your budget. Additionally, Tri-State’s expert staff promises to help rent you the best equipment your experience level.

Speaking of Silver Mountain ski rentals, remember that the number one thing you need is great boots. Boots can make or break a ski trip, and comfort is imperative. Another tip: leave cotton socks behind and opt for either synthetic or merino wool. Almost as important as good boots is a helmet. Whether you buy your own or rent one, make sure to protect your noggin.

 The following is a list of ski rental shops near Silver Mountain

Ski Shack: http://haydenskishack.com/

Tri-State Outfitters: http://t-state.com/stores/coeurdalene/

The Sports Creel: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Sports-Creel/312711075603