Tamarack is one of the favorite places in Idaho for locals to ski, so it’s no wonder you’re considering heading there on your vacation. However, remember that in addition to lodging and travel, you’re going to need lift tickets. Of course, lift tickets can get expensive, so it’s nice to know that it can be easy to save money and score some discount Tamarack lift tickets. Here are the walkup resort prices for Tamarack lift tickets.

How to Save?

Saving money on your lift tickets at Tamarack boils down to one simple tip: plan ahead. As soon as you know you’re heading here to ski, hop online and check with us. There are some great savings on discount Tamarack lift tickets available when you prepurchase. Additionally, with our help, you know you’re going to get the best deals. We update our information on a continuous basis so you have everything you need to make the best decision for your vacation.

How Not to Save?

One of the worst feelings is knowing that you’ve spent money you didn’t have to. Moreover, if you’re getting your lift tickets at the window and paying those walkup prices, you’re definitely wasting money. You shouldn’t ever pay that price; it’s the most you’ll ever pay for lift tickets. After all, Tamarack knows that if you’re at the resort without having already gotten your tickets, you’re going to pay what the resort is charging. Don’t pay that price, seriously. It’s so easy to save money and get discount Tamarack lift tickets with just a little planning.

And Say No to Half-Day tickets

So, here’s the situation. You haven’t gotten your tickets in advance and you oversleep and get to the resort at 10. You see the half-day tickets start at 12:30, so you think that you could just wait in the lodge or even come back later and pick up that half-day rate. No, you shouldn’t do that, and here’s why. The half-day rate at Tamarack is only $14 less for an adult. In addition, you only get to ski for three and a half hours. You came to Tamarack to ski, not to watch other people do it. Pony up for the lift ticket and make sure you let us help you get discount Tamarack lift tickets for the rest of your vacation.

A Couple of Ideas for Saving

Here’s a couple of ways you can save that are a little outside of the box. If you’re planning to spend a week at Tamarack and you’re a college student, it’s a good deal to get a season pass instead of paying for seven lift tickets. Another way of saving money on your lift tickets is to look into ski-and-stay packages. The hotel bundles together discount Tamarack lift tickets with their hotel rooms, so you save money overall. Keep in mind that the packages often have blackout dates, so check with us to make sure that you can get them for the dates you need.