Skiing is something that millions of people around the world enjoy. However, no matter whether you are a highly experienced skier or someone who’s just starting out, lift tickets are the great equalizer. Everyone needs a lift ticket to hit the slopes, and they are rapidly becoming the most expensive part of any ski vacation. Thankfully, there’s no reason why you can’t save money and get some great discount Silver Mountain lift tickets. The following are the walkup window prices for Silver Mountain Lift Tickets.

Dodge the High Window Prices

Nobody likes feeling as if they’ve thrown money away. Wasting money is never a good feeling, but if you’re paying the walkup price at the resort window, that’s exactly what you’re doing. The resorts know that if you get there without a lift ticket in hand, you’re prepared to pay what the going price is. Don’t pay that going price. There are quite a few ways to save money and score discount Silver Mountain lift tickets.

The Best Way to Save

By far, the best way to save money on your lift tickets is to make sure you’re planning in advance. When you know you’re planning to hit the slopes, make sure that you’re getting online to look for presales of lift tickets. The resort offers discount Silver Mountain lift tickets online and we keep track of the best deals for the days you need. Let us help and you can save a bundle on your lift tickets. Additionally, we are constantly updating our database to bring you the latest information on deals at Silver Mountain. It’s your vacation, with our help, you can make the best decision to make it the best it can be.

Another Way to Save

There are some great vacation packages that combine lodging with discount Silver Mountain lift tickets. Taking advantage of these ski and stay deals is a great way to save money on the overall cost of your vacation. While there are some blackout dates around major holidays, you can still end up saving a lot of money overall. Weekend packages can start as low as $92.75 per person for four people. As the ski and stay packages change, we’ll update our information on them as well.

Say No to Half-Days

It can happen that you don’t have a ticket ahead of time and you get to the slopes a couple hours late. You figure that you might as well just wait for the half-day ticket to save some money. That’s not a money smart decision, and here’s why. The half day only gets you a ten-dollar discount, but you’re losing out on a lot of good powder time. Besides, you came to Silver Mountain to ski, not stand around and watch other people. The only time a half-day ticket makes sense is if you get there after the cutoff time and you don’t have an advance ticket. Thankfully, with our help, you won’t have to worry about half-days or walkup window prices.