Rated as Idaho’s best kept secret, Soldier Mountain is located right off of the highway. Enjoy more from the mountain when you slide down the hills and race to the finish line. With many offerings of exciting activities, Soldier Mountain provides the thrills and excitement that is waiting for you at the bottom. Winter sports are a great way to spend your time and make more memories. Book your trip to Soldier Mountain today.


Choose the right accommodations during your stay when you plan ahead. Go with more affordable rates or higher ones for more luxury options. The Best Western Lodge provides you with an economical choice when it comes to where you sleep at night, or you can go with the Ski View in River Run for a more luxurious experience. With over 30 hotels in the area, there is something for everyone.


There are a few open options for restaurants in the area, you can grab a bite to eat during your stay. The Soldier Mountain Brew Pub provides delicious beer on tap, as well as menu options that are ideal for the whole family. The Tavern at Bown Crossing provides family menu options that are affordable and appealing to every person that stops in.


There are plenty of places throughout Boise to explore that are just ten minutes down the road from the resort. With shopping, cafes and malls for everyone, there are many activities off the mountain slopes that await visitors. For those days you don’t want to spend on the slopes, be sure to visit the museums and other local attractions nearby for a great time without going far from your hotel.

Lessons and Rentals

Lessons are a great way to learn how to navigate the hills and slopes around you if you’re a first timer to the area. Allow the instructors to walk you through everything you need to know before heading out to the trails. Rentals are also provided for those that need to use equipment, but did not bring or do not own any. Enjoy the affordable rates and the high quality items available to you at Soldier Mountain.

Make the most of your trip to Soldier Mountain when the time comes. Book your accommodations, plan out your activities and hit the slopes to make great family memories. The slopes are waiting for you to become a part of what they have to offer on your next vacation. Soldier Mountain has what every family needs for their time away from home.