When looking to take a ski trip there are several factors that come into play. Skiing at Kelly Canyon can be family fun, affordable and a life changing event. Whatever you do, plan on renting ski equipment and not flying with it! That’s the biggest cost factor mistake. Ski Rentals at Kelly canyon are super inexpensive  to start, but here are a few more tips to save as much as possible.

Bundle to Save

Don’t let the stress of booking and buying last minute at the ticket counter consume you. Instead planning in advance can be a life and budget saver. Ski Rentals at Kelly Canyon are pretty cheap already at $20 for skis, boots and poles. Snowboards and boot rentals cost $30. If you rent for a full day you’ll save the most as a half day is only $5.00 less for half the time. Helmets are important and recommended, because safety is so important. Renting a helmet with a ski board is only going to add an extra $5.

Passes are another option to save and include a $50 dollar discount if booked before August.  Children 6 and under are FREE! Juniors cost $210, $260 for a teen or college student pass. Adults are charged $360, but there are also several discounts available. Seniors are charged $210 and there’s also a family pass available for $1260.00. Book early and online to save the most! Check Kelly Canyon Ski rentals website for extra promotions as well. There are options such as ladies nights, night club, quad cards and even college nights for discounted rates.

Things to Keep in Mind

Kelly Canyon Ski rentals also offers Night skiing and ski lessons! This is a fun thing to choose and is available for $99 available until Christmas for any age. Lift tickets are only $10 with this deal. Book this online under value card to get the most savings! Lessons start at $40 for a private lesson and can get cheaper if you’re up for  a semi private lesson. Book online and look for the Christmas series that run on 4 Saturdays in January.

Ski rentals at Kelly Canyon are already cheap, but there are other local rental shops, too. Don’t forget to pack extra socks and plan on booking as early as possible for the best deals. Skiing can be one of the most memorable family trips you’ll ever take and at Kelly Canyon Ski rentals, they make it easy to plan and stay on budget.

The following is a list of Ski rental shops near Kelly Canyon:

Idaho MountainTrading- https://www.idahomountaintrading.com/

Sled Shed- http://www.ssbikesnboards.com/

Play it Again- http://www.playitagainsportsidahofalls.com/