Pebble Creek is located just south of Idaho Falls in southeastern Idaho. With a 1,098 meter Giant Slalom on its slopes, it’s no wonder this ski area attracts its fair share of attention. The 1100 skiable acres and 2911-foot vertical don’t hurt either. But getting onto the slopes requires a lift ticket, and whether you’re in for a day or a week, that can get a little expensive. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid paying high prices and get great discount Pebble Creek lift tickets.

Two Key Ways

When it comes to getting discount Pebble Creek lift tickets, there are two general tips that will serve you best. The first is this: get them early. As soon as you know you’re headed out to the slopes, get all the tickets for your vacation that you’re going to need. That doesn’t just mean lift tickets; it also includes travel and hotel stays as well. When it comes to these parts of your vacation, the longer you wait to book, the more money you’re going to pay. So get your lift tickets early to get the best discount Pebble Creek lift tickets you can.

The second key to saving as much money as possible is to let us help you get your lift tickets. We are constantly updating our information so you can make the best selection that suits your vacation. After all, why should you go looking for the best deals when we’re doing that for you? We also have relationships with the resort that we’ve cultivated, so we can get you the best deal on discount Pebble Creek lift tickets.

Avoid Walkup Pricing

So why should you deal with us or get your lift tickets in advance? After all, you can just get your lift tickets from the resort window. Even though lift tickets at Pebble Creek aren’t as expensive as you’ll find at the larger resorts in the Rockies, there’s no reason for you not to save what you can. Keep in mind that the walkup price at the window is the highest price that you will pay for lift tickets anywhere. This is because there is no limit to the supply of tickets that Pebble Creek can sell. In short, when you get to the window without a lift ticket, the ski area knows that you’re willing to spend whatever is necessary to get out on the slopes.

While talking about window pricing and saving money, we should point out that you might see half-day tickets and think that they are a good idea. Allow us to disabuse you of that notion. Consider what you’re saving versus what you’re losing. You may save a few bucks, but you’re also losing out on half a day of your vacation. Your time is more valuable than that. If you get to the ski area late, get the full ticket; then, when you get back to the hotel, let us help you get discount Pebble Creek lift tickets for the rest of your stay.