Kelly Canyon is located just outside of Idaho Falls in eastern Idaho. With a 1000-foot vertical, and a position snugged in the Targhee National Forest, this mountain is a destination resort for many types of travelers. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, you’ll still need lift tickets, and that can be a pricy endeavor. Not to worry, however, we’ve got your back. You need discount Kelly Canyon lift tickets, and we’re here to help.

Skip the Window Rates

If there’s one key to getting discount Kelly Canyon lift tickets, it’s to remember that you should never buy your tickets at the walk up price at the window. If you do this, you’re really just throwing money away that could be spent on other parts of your vacation. The resorts know that when you get there and you don’t already have your lift ticket, you’re going to pay whatever you need to in order to get out on the slopes. Thankfully, with our help, you can dodge this and get your discount Kelly Canyon lift tickets.

Don’t Believe the Hype about Half-Day Tickets

Another thing that you might see is half-day tickets. Imagine that you’ve gotten to the resort a couple hours after it opens. You see that half-day ticket and being a smart and savvy shopper, think that hanging out at the base lodge for a couple of hours will be worth saving $8 off the full day ticket. But really, is it? This is your vacation. You should be skiing, not watching other people ski. About the only exception is if you get to Kelly Canyon after 12:30. Then get the half-day. Or if you’re there during the week, get the day/night combo ticket and ski from 12:30 to 9:30. Then when you get back to the hotel, log on and let us help you get discount Kelly Canyon lift tickets for the rest of your trip.

Scoring the Best Discounts

So how do you get the best discount Kelly Canyon lift tickets for your trip? It all boils down to two things. The first part is planning ahead. In general, the farther ahead you plan your trip, the cheaper everything is going to be, from airline tickets to hotel rooms. The same holds true for lift tickets. Resorts will set aside blocks of tickets for days and sell them at deep discounts, and we have all of that information here for you to see.

That’s the second key to getting the best discount Kelly Canyon lift tickets. Let us help you. When you book through us, we can guarantee you’re going to get the lowest rate possible, often saving over 20 percent off the walk-up rate. We’re also constantly updating our database so you’ll always have the latest information at your fingertips.

As a last tip, if you can’t find a discount that works for you, consider ski-and-stay packages. These collaborations between Kelly Canyon and local hotels bundles together an overnight stay with discount Kelly Canyon lift tickets. You won’t save as much as if you’d purchased ahead of time, but you will save some money.