Bogus Basin is a large family-friendly ski area located just northeast of Boise. With over 2600 acres of skiable territory and an 1800-foot vertical, these slopes are a favorite destination for skiers from all over Idaho. Additionally, because of its close proximity to Boise, Bogus attracts its fair share of tourists as well. But remember, if you’re planning a trip here, you need lift tickets, and those can get pretty expensive, especially if you plan for a week’s vacation. Thankfully, scoring discount Bogus Basin lift tickets is easy with just a couple of tips.

Remember These Tips

There are two key tips to remember when you want to get some amazing discount Bogus Basin lift tickets. The first is that you have to plan ahead. Just like almost everything else vacation related, the longer you wait to buy things, the more expensive they end up being. Whether it is airline tickets, hotel rooms, or lift tickets, to get the best deals, buy them in advance. As soon as you know you’re going on vacation, start shopping for your lift tickets.

That leads us to the second tip for saving the most money on your discount Bogus Basin lift tickets. Let us help you get them. We are constantly updating our database with all of the latest deals at Bogus Basin. In most cases, we can save you at least 20 percent off the walk up price. Put our relationships with the ski resorts to work for you so you can save your hard earned money. After all, it’s your vacation, you deserve to use that money for other fun things.

Say No to the Window

When it comes to saving money, even if you don’t plan far enough ahead, you should never get your lift tickets at the window while paying walkup prices. That’s the most expensive lift ticket you’ll ever buy for that resort that year. That’s because the resort knows that if you’ve gotten to the slopes without a pre-purchased discount Bogus Basin lift ticket or at least a coupon, you’re willing to pay whatever they’ve decided the going rate is. Don’t pay that much, not when it’s so easy to get discount Bogus Basin lift tickets.

On another note, don’t be fooled into thinking that half-day tickets are a good deal when you’re on vacation. The tickets start at 12:30, and you’re only saving a few bucks. Sure, half-day tickets can work if you’re a local or you have a lot of time. You, however, are on vacation, and your time is limited. Sure, you may save a couple of bucks, but  you’re going to miss out on the best part of the day for skiing; that morning when the snow is freshly groomed and there’s hardly any tracks and your skis just whisper as you cut through the champagne. Is saving a few bucks worth missing that? We don’t think so. Thankfully, with our help, you should already have discount Bogus Basin lift tickets in hand and never worry about walk up pricing or half-day tickets.