Skiing is huge in Idaho, but the rest of the country seems to hardly know about it. More than its remote location, breathtaking landscape, and exhilarating mountain terrain, the state is also underappreciated for its homegrown ski manufacturers and its innovative spirit in delivering a better ski experience.

The state also has a proud heritage of attracting big-name guests to its charming ski resort towns. Sun Valley, in particular, has hosted a long list of celebrities—from Clark Gable to Clint Eastwood, from Ernest Hemingway to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many more. It’s also home to the world’s first chair lift and some of the best and earliest alpine races. We don’t know that Idaho has the best skiing in the country, but we do think it’s the most underrated….and by a wide margin.

Maybe you’re planning a visit to the state and you’re looking to pick up some last-minute gear. Or maybe you’re always on the hunt for the perfect piece of equipment or apparel for your personal style of skiing. Here are the Idaho ski companies you need to know about:



ARVA EquipmentSnow safety equipment company that is best known for avalanche transceivers, but they also offer a full range of beacons, shovels, probes, backpacks, back protection, and accessories. BOISE

BounceboardThis trampoline-based board serves as a great cross-training device to work on your spatial awareness, flexibility, and muscle memory. Great for skiing and snowboarding. NAMPA

GarmontInternational brand outdoor footwear that combines old-fashioned craftsmanship with the latest design innovations for outdoor footwear. Great for skiing, mountaineering, hiking, and more. SUN VALLEY

Lucky BumsKid gear including a selection of ski trainers, tip clips, beginner skis and poles, snowboards, snowshoes, and sleds. Great for families looking to “grow outside together.” BOISE

MTN ApproachPretty comprehensive ski gear manufacturer. Get everything you need after years of dealing with ski rentals, or find that final item that will complete your gear. Offers video introductions to most of their gear.KETCHUM

Scott SportsOutdoor sporting goods of all kinds. Just their Winter Sports alone includes freeride, ski touring, and all-mountain gear. SUN VALLEY

Ski Racing InternationalFrom personal blog posts to the latest news about professional skiers and major ski events, this can be a basic online news outlet. Or you can become a member and get access to their premium content, while also supporting ski journalism. KETCHUM

Smith OpticsEye and headwear manufacturer. Best known for ski helmets and goggles, but also offers some other basic apparel and accessories. Actively promoted by local and international athletes. KETCHUM

Sun Valley Ski ToolsGreat for people who like to work on and maintain their own ski equipment, including boots, skis, and snowboards. Also an important resource for local shops that need to rent or buy ski tools. BOISE

The Walton WorksThis brand-building, PR, and marketing service focuses largely on outdoor culture including ski and travel. Partners with organizations like Visit Idaho. BOISE

Sego SkisIt may be located on the quiet side of the Tetons, but this local ski manufacturer has really made some noise as hitting the right notes of high-performance skis at an appealing price. VICTOR

Idaho Mountain Trading If you’re in Idaho Falls and looking for a snowsports shop, this is a great spot. Buy or rent. Get whole ski packages, standalone items. Closeouts offer excellent discount options. IDAHO FALLS

Selkirk PowderSki guide service that offers backcountry adventures including snowcat ski trips, heli skiing, and snowmobiling. Also offers safety and avalanche courses. SANDPOINT

7B SkisCustom ski manufacturer known for its tapered design that reduces topsheet damage without compromising sidewall integrity. The result of the search for a “true downhill mid-fat ski with fish scale bases.” SANDPOINT



We don’t want to fall victim ourselves to underestimating the ski industry in Idaho. We know that new companies seem to emerge every year, and we’re sure we’ve missed a few. If you know of a local ski company that you don’t see listed here, tell us about them in the comments below and we’ll look to continually update this list. And if you’re the owner, write to Jeremy at about advertising, email campaigns, and other ways to promote your brand.